Monday, June 12, 2017

Friday's links on Monday :)

 The kids are out of school, we had a mini vacation to Michigan and now I am all off schedule.  The last few days I have been outdoors painting the garage door, a final coat on the garage shingles, and 2 fresh new coats on the front porch.  Today I cleaned out our garage, put a bike rack in it for the kids bikes, and tried to organize it the best I could for a little father's day surprise for Adam.  Needless to say I am worn out, but that feels so good.  To me one of the best feelings ever is working hard all day, rewarding yourself with wine and early to bed.  
 So here are last Friday's links on Monday evening... 

I'm in love with this top, such a great go to piece

this recipe was amazingly good and perfect for summer

I have a small obsession with espalier garden design and want to try for myself


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

back to reality

I'm back from a last minute week long vacation that totally revitalized me.
I knew I was going for the weekend but we ended up staying eight days and it was wonderful.  Sometimes when you are caught up in how stressed you are and you don't feel like you can take a break from work, life, etc... it probably means that you need to.  
I did not feel like I could leave, I did not feel like I could get everything finished in time, but really I was getting burnt out and this week away was exactly what I needed.
So now I am back, refreshed, and ready to tackle life.

Friday, May 26, 2017

weekly roundup


It's Memorial Day Weekend!  I hope you all have very relaxing plans!  I think we may sneak up to Michigan for a bit and I am totally ok with that.  
Here are my links for the week:

I love, love, love this skirt  and it is 30% off

Here is a Perfect (and one of my favorite) salad for Memorial Day Weekend.  You've got the grill involved, lots of greens, and the perfect light dressing.  So good...

Absolutely love House of Harper's gorgeous summer table setting here.  Really makes me want to start entertaining again.

And don't forget to hit up the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale.

Here are just a few of my favorite deals from the sale...

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017



So many good outdoor spaces inspiring me.  We recently freshened up our patio space and it made a world of difference.  We love spending time out there now and we never did previously.  It's the last day of school over here and a big furniture delivery for Adam's office is happening today which I am so excited about!  Enjoy this beautiful day! xo,

Monday, May 22, 2017

my favorite blue

Happy Monday everyone!
It's hard to believe tomorrow is the last day of school for my big kids!  This year went extremely fast and they have grown up so much!
So much fun in store this summer and we are so ready for lazy mornings and being outdoors.

This powder room below (and the wallpaper, the fixtures, the hardware) make my heart skip a beat.  My favorite shade of blue.  I just love...
Have a fantastic start to your week! xo


Friday, May 19, 2017


This week seemed like the longest...
We had a baby with croup, a field trip for two of my kiddos, lots of work to do at home and for clients, and a nagging headache that lasted the whole week through.  However, I finished everything I needed to complete and even squeezed a run in each day (which totally kept me sane).  
Stress from busy daily life can creep up so quickly and it is so easy to become overwhelmed.  I've learned over time that it's not about how heavy the load is, but how we carry it.  So cheers to the weekend, I hope you enjoy!