Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fabric Covered Headboard for a new master bedroom

and this is our new bed that we just ordered...

We are currently redecorating our master bedroom.  Our contractors just finished the deck off of the room and I LOVE it!  Great place for coffee in the a.m. with the hubby before Miss Finley wakes up! We also decided to upgrade to a King size bed because our goldendoodle Charlie refuses to sleep on the floor and as much as I love that dog, I have had it! Next comes bedding...No I cannot make a decision!  There are too many pretty fabrics out there.  Also on the list to purchase: bedside tables and lamps and possibly a cute chair to put in the corner.  Will post pics when this project is finished! 

*Images courtesy of Lonny and Hayneedle 

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