Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...

With three meals ahead of my family and trip away this weekend, I may not post until Monday.
So if that is the case, Give Thanks and enjoy your time with your family.

I have so much to be thankful for this year.  Including this sweet little face...

Images via* Sunday in Bed and here

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dear Santa...

All I want for Christmas is you...

Tory's flannel tote in gray.
If you watched Oprah's fav. things show on Friday, she gave these
 and the flannel reva flats to her entire audience.
I may have been a little jealous... 

Fun wine from Swanson Vineyard
Even though I'll have to wait until March to indulge ;)

Metropolitan Mixed Chain Necklace
and if I want to dream big....
maybe a vintage Rolex with a cute grosgrain band

Friday, November 19, 2010

embroidered mexican print

The above photo is from 1984.  My mother and I at my grandparents beach house in Michigan.
Notice the pillows in the background.  There was also a matching quilt.  A mexican embroidered print purchased in Mexico by my grandmother.  Something about this print has always stuck out in my head.  So when I started to see it popping up in design ads and on other blogs, I called my grandmother immediately and asked where the pillows were...
because I love these lamp shades from Black and Spiro

and these chairs

Images via*  Black and Spiro, Absolutely Beautiful Things 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

DIY Friday...

Ok I know it is not Friday yet, but I am now declaring Friday my DIY day!
Here is the start to sweet Finley's art center.
Beginning with a DIY chalkboard that I made yesterday and installed today.
All you need:
Chalkboard paint
Empty frame of any size
Paint in a fun color for your frame
and Chalk!
and of course a drill and screws.

I simply painted the frame,
taped off the spot on the wall where the frame would be placed and then painted that space with chalkboard paint.  Let both dry...
I drilled holes into the frame, placed my screws in those holes and screwed them into the wall.
This way the frame is more secure and wont fall off of the wall and bump my poor child in the head.
Have a Happy Friday (tomorrow)!

morning beauties

I love everything about this room!  The rug, the curtains, the wallpaper, the turquoise chairs...
Yes Please!
image via parlour

A gray couch may seem boring, but not when it is paired with beautiful colors, textures,and fun wallpaper. 
I'd love to change my white couches to a beautiful gray velvet...
However, it is not at the top of my to do list at the moment so until then I will keep dreaming ;)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Brilliant Idea! Chewbeads!

I saw this on the Rikshaw Design blog and I am in love with this idea.  Chewbeads!! and they can be found here!!
 I mean, why couldn't I have thought of this brilliant idea! 
 Babies love to chew on their mommy's necklaces!  Even better, now they can chew on a non toxic, 100% silicone (think pacifiers and bottles), and none the less colorful and chic!!! 
By the way, what a great shower gift!  Something for the baby and something to make the mommy to be feel special!

Monday, November 15, 2010

dyeing slipcovers

Here is my latest DIY project that I have been working on!
The dry cleaners in my town do not offer the service of dyeing slipcovers so I decided to figure it out for myself!  We have this extra chair that seems to float around our house.  So I decided instead of buying a new glider for our baby boy's nursery to transform this floating chair. 
I wanted to change the color of the slipcover from off white to gray and then figure out a way to convert it to a glider.  Both were totally DIY possible so here it goes:

So step 1, I bought RIT fabric dye in black, because there was no gray available. 
I washed the slipcovers with detergent and then...
I boiled 8 cups of water and stirred in half of the bottle of dye and 1/2 cup of salt.
If you are to do this make sure you stir really well for even coverage.
I have a front loader washer, so I went ahead and started it on the longest cycle,
(You want at least 3o minutes before it rinses)
leaving the wet slipcovers in the machine.
I poured the dye mixture into the detergent slot and then added another 4 cups of warm water.
The next step is very important if you are anything like me:
Walk away
and don't come back until the cycle is over!!!!!!!

(I freaked at first because I thought my slipcovers were turning purple and I stopped the machine and pulled them out before they could finish.  Because of this they were too light of a gray for the shade that I wanted and I had to dye them a second time.)

As soon as the cycle is over, leave the slipcovers in place and wash them with a mild detergent.
When this is over you may lay flat to dry or place in the dryer on delicate cycle.
Immediately after you remove your slipcovers you should run your washing machine with a few old towels in it with detergent and bleach. 
And the finished product.....

What do you think?
The chair is still not a glider yet, but the parts to convert it came in the mail the other day. 
That is next on the list of to do's!!
Let me know your thoughts on dyeing slipcovers!
- Maggie

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ideas for kiddos

Love this idea and want to steal it!  I worked in a pre school before I had Finley and think this would have been a great way to display kiddos art work!  When the kiddos grow up use in the same way to display grown up art work!  All you need is a curtain rod and hooks! 
*images via project nursery

Rikshaws Taj blankie was my steal from last week!  Rikshaw was featured on One Kings Lane and I got the blanket for my son's room 50% off.    Can't beat that!  Too bad the matching elephant shaped pillow was sold out!
If you haven't signed up at One Kings Lane, I highly suggest that you do!
click here to check it out

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


For reasons unknown I haven't been able to update my blog in a few days!  Finally I'm back on!
I have so much to share on here...The nursery is almost finished and I have started painting adorable pictures for the kiddos rooms.  Now I am considering new paint in the master bathroom and possible in the living room and kitchen.  In the mean time...
Could any of these rooms above be any more gorgeous? 
 Can I please have all three in my house?