Thursday, November 18, 2010

DIY Friday...

Ok I know it is not Friday yet, but I am now declaring Friday my DIY day!
Here is the start to sweet Finley's art center.
Beginning with a DIY chalkboard that I made yesterday and installed today.
All you need:
Chalkboard paint
Empty frame of any size
Paint in a fun color for your frame
and Chalk!
and of course a drill and screws.

I simply painted the frame,
taped off the spot on the wall where the frame would be placed and then painted that space with chalkboard paint.  Let both dry...
I drilled holes into the frame, placed my screws in those holes and screwed them into the wall.
This way the frame is more secure and wont fall off of the wall and bump my poor child in the head.
Have a Happy Friday (tomorrow)!

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