Monday, November 15, 2010

dyeing slipcovers

Here is my latest DIY project that I have been working on!
The dry cleaners in my town do not offer the service of dyeing slipcovers so I decided to figure it out for myself!  We have this extra chair that seems to float around our house.  So I decided instead of buying a new glider for our baby boy's nursery to transform this floating chair. 
I wanted to change the color of the slipcover from off white to gray and then figure out a way to convert it to a glider.  Both were totally DIY possible so here it goes:

So step 1, I bought RIT fabric dye in black, because there was no gray available. 
I washed the slipcovers with detergent and then...
I boiled 8 cups of water and stirred in half of the bottle of dye and 1/2 cup of salt.
If you are to do this make sure you stir really well for even coverage.
I have a front loader washer, so I went ahead and started it on the longest cycle,
(You want at least 3o minutes before it rinses)
leaving the wet slipcovers in the machine.
I poured the dye mixture into the detergent slot and then added another 4 cups of warm water.
The next step is very important if you are anything like me:
Walk away
and don't come back until the cycle is over!!!!!!!

(I freaked at first because I thought my slipcovers were turning purple and I stopped the machine and pulled them out before they could finish.  Because of this they were too light of a gray for the shade that I wanted and I had to dye them a second time.)

As soon as the cycle is over, leave the slipcovers in place and wash them with a mild detergent.
When this is over you may lay flat to dry or place in the dryer on delicate cycle.
Immediately after you remove your slipcovers you should run your washing machine with a few old towels in it with detergent and bleach. 
And the finished product.....

What do you think?
The chair is still not a glider yet, but the parts to convert it came in the mail the other day. 
That is next on the list of to do's!!
Let me know your thoughts on dyeing slipcovers!
- Maggie

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  1. I am going to attempt the same color on two loveseat slipcovers.. any last suggestions?


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