Friday, January 28, 2011

Rue Magazine and a busy weekend...

I think I have hit that point in pregnancy where you just don't want to do anything...
And of course I have a crazy, non stop, weekend ahead of me! 
My sister and cousins are throwing a shower
in honor of the little guy tomorrow morning for me! 
Which I am so excited for!
  Then, my husband and I are immediately off to St. Louis for a birthday celebration.  (How much can you celebrate when you are 8 months along?)   Then back first thing in the morning, which will give me enough time to kiss my daughter, load my jewelry in the car and drive to a jewelry show.
  At least Sunday night I can come home and relax!  Weekends like this stress me out, even though they are meant to be enjoyable...
In the mean time here are pretty pictures from Rue Magazine for you to enjoy!
Happy Busy Weekend!  If your's isn't... I am jealous!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stella and Dot Spring Line Favorites

If you haven't seen Stella and Dot's Spring/Summer line yet, then I suggest you check it out here !!!
The colors are gorgeous and make me super excited to pull out my spring/summer wardrobe!!
With jewelry designers like Maya Brenner and Lizzie Fortunado it couldn't get much better!!!
Here is a sneak peek below but I suggest that you check out the site as well!!!
Happy Jewelry Browsing!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

white on white

Love the white one white in each of these spaces...
If only there wasn't chocolate milk, popsickles, juice, strawberries, crayons, and all of those other colorful things little Miss Finley loves so much.  The newborn stages were fine, but the craziness of a toddler who never stops going...different story!
Sadly we are moving on from our all white living room.  But for those of you who can still enjoy it,
I envy you! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

west elm bath accessories

We are currently under contsruction in the hubby's bathroom.  It has been gutted and we are redoing everything in the room!  Adam is doing it in his spare time and I have my fingers crossed that all of the dust will be gone before the baby is here!  I am picking out everything for this room so I have been busy browsing websites and Home Depot and Lowes. 
 I was browsing through West Elm's website and they have some really cool bathroom decor items that would add the perfect touch to his bathroom.
  Love the bath mats above and think the cabinet is very cool!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

DIY Friday

Ok so those of you who have followed along for awhile,
 know that I love NYC artist Matthew Heller's "homage to music".
  Especially how well the piece below fits into Molly Sim's living room which was
 featured in InStyle Magazine.  Below he used the song "heaven" by Bryan Adams.  Sounds totally cheesy but it looks awesome on canvas!
 I really wanted to do something for the baby's nursery but
  I really didn't think paying $3000.00 for one would fit into my budget (haha) so I decided to buy some gray paint, stencils, and canvas at WalMart and do it myself. 
 Lyrics  for the song I used can be found here

And after a days work of stenciling and carefully painting my letters I ended up with this...

My letters were a little larger but it still had the impact that I wanted in the nursery.
It was actually very therapeutic painting all of those letters and I wouldn't mind doing another ;)
Maybe something for Fin's room?

fairweather friend

I am definitely feeling like a fairweather friend to you all...
I haven't posted since Monday and really don't have an excuse as to why.
The funny thing is that I have become an insomniac, so maybe instead of laying in my bed, unable to sleep, worrying about things like "What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?" "Who will be able to come stay here with Finley?" "Maybe I should pack her bag now just in case"...
I should just get on here until I feel sleepy again. 
I worry about the silliest things...
So today I posted things that catch my eye...
Yes, gray is still doing that to me.  Maybe it is just a winter thing?
I love it, but have only committed myself to the dark gray velvet couch I ordered, which is going to take 10-12 weeks for delivery :( 
 My son will be a month and a half old by then! 
Anyway...enjoy!  xoxo

images via* Lonny, It's Mary Ruffle

Monday, January 17, 2011

spaces for kiddos

Here are some super cute kid spaces for your Monday!  Something about kid rooms that I just love!
Especially when there is a grown up aspect to them!  I have had more fun working on my kiddos rooms then I would have ever imagined!
Happy Monday!

Friday, January 14, 2011

the weekend...

Enjoy your weekend!  We have dinner plans and I have rented movies galore and plan on snuggling up with a blanket by the fire place to watch them!  Hope everyone has a cozy and warm weekend as well!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dark Cabinets?...

Have a husband that won't let you paint your kitchen cabinets?
The pictures below make it not seem so bad...
Love the touch of turquoise quadrille wallpaper with these cabinets above.

Love the worn in floors with the dramatic touch of the chandelier

Again the wallpaper is adorable and pulls the room together and the subway tile
gives a nice clean look to the backsplash. 

I have had a lot of friends complain that their husbands won't let them paint the cabinets.  One friends was going to go as far as wait till her hubby left for a trip to Africa to paint.  Ouch! Can you imagine what that would have been like when he got home!  Why not compromise!?  The added touches in the pictures above take away from the masculinity of the dark wood and give each just the right amount of feminity. 

Images via* Lonny, Canadian House and Home

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A weeks worth of posts...

Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails...
What to do with a boy?
Love the adorable crib above.
Sooo BOY!
Also, did I mention that I sold my couch??  Yah!  Time to get a new one!
Here is the new couch we ordered from Crate and Barrel
 Charcoal grey, down, velvet, super deep cushions...
I cannot wait to snuggle up on that yumminess!

Posted this before, but thinking this could be the new
color scheme with the new couch...Thoughts??

Finley had a snow day...
She wasn't too fond of the snow however...

Wow...What a long week away from my blog!  Started off last week feeling not so great.
Spent a lot of time in bed, eating soup, and taking lots of tylenol cold (which did not help by the way).  At least most of my nightly shows restarted which helped the whole process.
My head was so foggy I just couldnt think to blog and then when I was ready to return the internet was not working and my computer got a virus!
I am 32 weeks pregnant, as of yesterday!  WooHoo! 
 The end is in sight and there has been no bed rest this time!
So finally, here I am!  With my weeks recap...

images via* A Cup of Jo, Elle Decor, The Boo and The Boy, and If Only...Photo

Friday, January 7, 2011

Words of Wisdom for your Friday...

So I thought I would be back Tuesday...
My head is so fuzzy still that I can't think to blog, so I took the week and am leaving you with some Friday Inspiration.  The quote above is so true.  If more people could look at things that way there would be many happier people out there.  Have a wonderful weekend. 
I am going to have a chicken noodle soup with my daughter and lay around in our jammies all day!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Monday

Whatever she has, I now have.
So I'll be back tomorrow hopefully...
Enjoy your Monday!