Thursday, January 20, 2011

DIY Friday

Ok so those of you who have followed along for awhile,
 know that I love NYC artist Matthew Heller's "homage to music".
  Especially how well the piece below fits into Molly Sim's living room which was
 featured in InStyle Magazine.  Below he used the song "heaven" by Bryan Adams.  Sounds totally cheesy but it looks awesome on canvas!
 I really wanted to do something for the baby's nursery but
  I really didn't think paying $3000.00 for one would fit into my budget (haha) so I decided to buy some gray paint, stencils, and canvas at WalMart and do it myself. 
 Lyrics  for the song I used can be found here

And after a days work of stenciling and carefully painting my letters I ended up with this...

My letters were a little larger but it still had the impact that I wanted in the nursery.
It was actually very therapeutic painting all of those letters and I wouldn't mind doing another ;)
Maybe something for Fin's room?


  1. Love the color you picked for the nursery especially with the green. So cute for the little...umm I mean big little guy. Love the wall art too. So sweet!

  2. very pretty! I love you blog Maggie!


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