Thursday, January 20, 2011

fairweather friend

I am definitely feeling like a fairweather friend to you all...
I haven't posted since Monday and really don't have an excuse as to why.
The funny thing is that I have become an insomniac, so maybe instead of laying in my bed, unable to sleep, worrying about things like "What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?" "Who will be able to come stay here with Finley?" "Maybe I should pack her bag now just in case"...
I should just get on here until I feel sleepy again. 
I worry about the silliest things...
So today I posted things that catch my eye...
Yes, gray is still doing that to me.  Maybe it is just a winter thing?
I love it, but have only committed myself to the dark gray velvet couch I ordered, which is going to take 10-12 weeks for delivery :( 
 My son will be a month and a half old by then! 
Anyway...enjoy!  xoxo

images via* Lonny, It's Mary Ruffle

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  1. I love gray too! These pictures are amazing! I want to paint my living room!


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