Friday, January 28, 2011

Rue Magazine and a busy weekend...

I think I have hit that point in pregnancy where you just don't want to do anything...
And of course I have a crazy, non stop, weekend ahead of me! 
My sister and cousins are throwing a shower
in honor of the little guy tomorrow morning for me! 
Which I am so excited for!
  Then, my husband and I are immediately off to St. Louis for a birthday celebration.  (How much can you celebrate when you are 8 months along?)   Then back first thing in the morning, which will give me enough time to kiss my daughter, load my jewelry in the car and drive to a jewelry show.
  At least Sunday night I can come home and relax!  Weekends like this stress me out, even though they are meant to be enjoyable...
In the mean time here are pretty pictures from Rue Magazine for you to enjoy!
Happy Busy Weekend!  If your's isn't... I am jealous!

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