Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A weeks worth of posts...

Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails...
What to do with a boy?
Love the adorable crib above.
Sooo BOY!
Also, did I mention that I sold my couch??  Yah!  Time to get a new one!
Here is the new couch we ordered from Crate and Barrel
 Charcoal grey, down, velvet, super deep cushions...
I cannot wait to snuggle up on that yumminess!

Posted this before, but thinking this could be the new
color scheme with the new couch...Thoughts??

Finley had a snow day...
She wasn't too fond of the snow however...

Wow...What a long week away from my blog!  Started off last week feeling not so great.
Spent a lot of time in bed, eating soup, and taking lots of tylenol cold (which did not help by the way).  At least most of my nightly shows restarted which helped the whole process.
My head was so foggy I just couldnt think to blog and then when I was ready to return the internet was not working and my computer got a virus!
I am 32 weeks pregnant, as of yesterday!  WooHoo! 
 The end is in sight and there has been no bed rest this time!
So finally, here I am!  With my weeks recap...

images via* A Cup of Jo, Elle Decor, The Boo and The Boy, and If Only...Photo


  1. Love the colors! I am having fun already thinking about pillows for my "new" loveseat!

  2. Hey, just saw i'm in your favorites :)
    Jacksonville, huh? I used to live in Rushville, IL. For some reason I feel like that was close...


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