Friday, February 18, 2011

Painting Stairs

So my husband went out of town and I decided to get a little crazy last minute and paint the stairs ;)  Like I told you before, I always do these things when he is gone.  I always seem to accomplish so much more when he is gone!  Weird how that works!! Now I am in the process of finding the perfect wall color and an awesome runner for the super steep stairway that I have fallen down numerous times!  Below are rugs in the direction I want to go with a runner...let me know what you think!  I really would like something colorful and bold!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

you make me happy...

I couldn't help myself today.  It is going to be 65 and sunny and all I wanted to post were happy, colorful things!!  Wouldn't my mom LOVE  that yarn cabinet!?! and I would love for her to knit that blanket in the second photo for me! 
 I looked outside and 95% of the snow is gone and I can see the grass (although it is brown)!!
I think Finley and I are going to take the double stroller for a test run out here at the farm and tonight
I am going to break out the grill!  If only I could have a nice margarita!
2 1/2 weeks and I will! 
Adam was gone last night to the farm show in KY so I got a little crazy and decided to paint our stairs! 
Don't know why I feel compelled to do these things while he is gone, when I have no help with Finley.  She was playing with clean paint rollers on the floor as I painted.  She may have put her hands in the paint once or twice ;)  Will post pics of that later.  For now I am going to finish my cup of coffee and then we are going to try out that new stroller! 

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Nursery...

So here is my little boy's  nursery.  Masculine, yet still has playful aspects.  I still need
some little knick knacks for shelves and once he is here I will add more photographs to the room of him
and his big sister!  I re-used a lot of pieces that I already had in my house.  In fact the only new items in his room would be the light fixtures, curtains,  Land of Nod changing pad cover, and his Rikshaw Taj Blanket.  The dressers I found in an old farm house and painted myself.  The ottoman was a hand me down from my mother in law (it was her grandfathers) and the chair you have seen here on DIY Friday dyeing slipcovers.  The bookshelf was in Finley's nursery and I painted it a green to match his Rikshaw blanket and above it is a framed copy of my baby shower invitation created by If Only...Photography 
The longhorn was purchased by Adam and I on one of our many roadtrips that took us to Texas and Mexico back in our dating days.  The good photos above were taken by my friend Jake Sorrill of If Only...Photography.

The blurry photos below...haha well those were from me!
Framed and matted copy of front side of shower invitation

amazing swaddle blankets by Aden and Anais

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Filled with Joy

It's official, I am 37 weeks pregnant and have hit the point of
"Get this over with!"
My house is a mess and my sweet little Finley is in search and destroy mode.  Anything she can get into and
make a mess of, she does.  So today I will be cleaning the house, mopping the floors (thanks to the mess outdoors and the giant goldendoodles living in my home) and later dyeing more slipcovers.
I need projects and I need to keep busy to keep myself from thinking about baby boy arriving!
Oh and my nursery is 100% finished!  and I PROMISE
I will post the photos tomorrow!!!

In the meantime if you need a laugh like I do check out mimigoesracing

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Bookshelves are my nightmare...
Probably because I have so many around my house and I have run out of things to fill them with.  The set in my larger living room is so bare right now and I just don't want to spend the money filling them with meaningless things.  I have filled my fireplace room shelves with all of my books so I would like to do something really cool in the other room that is unfinished.  However, I love how these shelves above are filled with only books and a few frames and look so nice and clean.  Why can't I figure mine out, rather why can't I be satisfied with them?  Do I want them to be symmetrical? Asymmetrical?  I'm looking for new filler ideas so if you have any PLEASE share! 

p.s. I want that galvanized tub to put my firewood in

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring come soon...

                                                  mocs, beer, and crisp, fitted button down shirts
All things I look forward to enjoying this spring
while sitting on my front porch
with my sweet family...

so I can go from this...
to this...

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Monday, February 7, 2011

my favorite color

Don't you just love this color?  Every shade, pale or bright, is so pretty to me and it always catches my eye!
It makes me ready for Spring and Summer at the Beach! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom!
Hope your day was as special as you! 
Love you!