Monday, May 2, 2011

bedroom bliss

I stumbled upon these photos on Project Nursery this weekend.  What a cool room and what darling little ones.  What I love the most is all the different textures, patterns, and layers on the bed.  I love mixing and matching bedding rather than using a matching set which can be quite boring.  Plus if you can find the right deals it can be done within a budget.  As I did mine for under 300!
Over the weekend my husband and I worked on  making our outdoor porch feel more like this...
We planted hydrangeas and magnolia trees and we painted the ceiling and the pillars.   He put up a black fence in the yard to give the kids a safe area to play.  Little Finley is a runner and there are too many vehicles coming in and out of the farm for her to be doing that without boundaries.  I'll post pics of the yard after it is complete. 
Happy Monday! 

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