Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Office Space

Who wouldn't love a great office area in their home?  Everyone should have a designated space to pay bills, file, and organize. 
The last three images were in the latest edition of Lonny and are the actual offices of those that work there.
I have a great desk but no designated office area.  I would love one but not sure where to create it yet.  I use to have the desk in my living room but Finley was constantly getting things like sharpies out and attacking my computer with them. 
I just finished painting my kitchen and living room yesterday!  Now I am rearranging the furniture and hoping to get photos to post for you. 
In the meantime, that pond Adam has been thinking about digging was made for us.  Luckily our house is on a nice hill and our home wasn't affected.  Here are some photos to share...

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  1. You are so inspiring, Maggie! Love love your blog!


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