Thursday, September 8, 2011

crazy tired...

I've been missing and I hate that so much.  But it has been so incredibly crazy around here lately.  Ever since we returned home from Michigan I have hosted a party at my house every weekend.  Then there was the garage sale, which took all of my extra energy away from me.  Sounds silly but they can be exhausting! 
 So after the garage sale I took a week off from working out and anything that had to do with thinking, or so I thought. 

I did catch up on laundry and All My Children and then my beautiful sister in law Emily got engaged!! We couldn't be more excited for her!  And now we have a major wedding to plan for this spring!!  (So if I have a lot of wedding on my mind in the near future you know why.)

Then yesterday happened.  My other sister in law and I were headed over to Springfield for an evening of wandering around Target and Hobby Lobby, until we got a phone call from the husbands about a field fire surrounding her house!  Yikes!  We drove back home so fast our children were squealing with excitement and thought they were on a "rollercoaster".  I was not the driver by the way ;) 
The fire was pretty scary but everyone was safe and sound and after 4 fire departments arrived and fought it, the blaze was quickly under control and put out.  I did wake up with a horrific headache from all of the smoke however... So now I am home with a baby boy that has a viral infection and very red throat and he is refusing his bottles.  So I think I will take any of those beautiful beds in the photos above and go to sleep now.  Goodnight all and thanks for listening to my crazy week!

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