Friday, January 27, 2012

our projects at hand...

Adam is building these beds in our toy room so it can double as a guest room/sleepover room for the kids.
I mean what guest wouldn't want to sleep in the toyroom??
No, actually I am really happy he is doing this because it will give him something to do on the weekends which are normally consumed with football and naps.  Plus the kids will love it, and it is pretty adorable!
And of course I found the photo on
If you haven't already, then download the app.  It could be as addicting as pinterest!

This is Emily Maynard's kitchen in Charlotte.  Yes, she is the adorable new bachelorette this spring.
She's got pretty cute taste from what I have seen. 
I just loved the gold mirror, chandelier, and the subway art on each side.  So this is what we are doing in my sister in law and future brother in laws kitchen.  Early wedding present...  Won't he be excited!? She will, that is for sure!  As soon as we have collected enough subway art pieces I will post a photo to share with you!

And now I must go, for I turned around to find my sweet Finley gulping down the rest of my coffee and creamer...
We may have a long day ahead!

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