Tuesday, September 18, 2012

burgundy pants

burgundy pants

Ok, so I when I read that burgundy, aka "maroon", was THE color for fall I was a little sad.  My love for burgundy has been non-existent.  That was true until I saw these pants at J.Crew.  J.Crew has a way of making everything look fabulous.  So I decided I better give burgundy a second chance and try to love it, at least for this fall.  I am also depressed about saying goodbye to my colorful summer wardrobe.  So here I paired these pants with lots of color options!  And now I am in Love!  At least temporarily!

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  1. Yes! I love burgundy too!!! J brand, DL1961 and Agave (one of my new lines) have great options in this color!

    Also love navy and hunter green bottoms.

    You are right-on!!



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