Monday, October 15, 2012

Kiddos are messy!

If you were in my kitchen you would know instantly that I have toddlers.
Simply by seeing this...

I know, it is disgusting!
It is past time to recover the chairs at my kitchen island.  But you see I kept putting it off because I know that they are only to get filthy again.  

My kiddos are quite the messy eaters.  Especially my little man.  He smears, throws, and shoves it all in as best as he can!  So I guess I kept thinking whats the point? 
But now I am at the point of I can't stand to look at these anymore so I recovered them today.

I had this great fabric on hand and it kind of just worked out perfectly.

Recovering a chair seat is quite simple.  It requires scissors, a screw driver, a staple gun, and staples.
This is one of those things you really can't mess up.

And now I love them.  I think they look quite good!

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