Wednesday, January 9, 2013

family room

#5.  walk around your block and

Hello loves,
I feel like we have really done a lot of work around our house here lately.  What an awesome break we had and so much we accomplished.
We bought new furniture for our large living room from Restoration Hardware in December.  Adam made a rather large coffee table out of old barn wood to pair with it and I of course have been detailing like crazy.  
Here are some of my latest pillows that I made for our couch.  
And I thought I would be tired of this beautiful fabric by now...but it just happened to work perfectly in our family room!

What do you all think?  I'd love to hear your comments!!


  1. Beautiful! Helping a friend with her family room and we both love your pillow fabric. Would you mind giving me the name of it? Thank you!

  2. Hi Linds! I just saw your comment. It is waverly Santa Maria flower! Have Fun!


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