Thursday, January 3, 2013

Henry's room

 OK, before you start reading these are obviously pictures that I took with my iphone as the sun was glaring in through the windows.  But I wanted to share them with you anyway, and maybe I'll get a chance to get better quality pics put up soon.

  Henry is getting ready to move to a toddler bed and I wanted to keep some of the same elements that were in his nursery without having to change the look of his room too much.  So we kept the color scheme the same.  There are many little touchups that need to happen.  Like painting that hideous vent that stands out on the wall and I need to get a few more things hung up in his room.  We are taking down the crib soon and then there will be a big open space that will need to be filled.  I am thinking it may be time to move his tractors upstairs and find some sort of system to keep them organized.  
Because if I trip over one more tractor in the middle of the night...

The duvet and sham are from Land of Nod and the beautiful bed has been passed down from generation to generation .  My grandfather, my mother and her sisters, my brother, sister and I slept in this bed as well :) 

And of course our favorite Taj blanket from Rikshaw Designs is something Henry still sleeps with every night.

Here is the little man looking in on the mess he created in the playroom.

A map I found in our attic that my friend Nancy put on a canvas for me.  I feel like we are finally getting there.  A few more touch ups and tid bits to do and he will be big boy ready!

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