Tuesday, January 29, 2013

off to a good start!

So the love/hate relationship contines.  However I think I have gotten a good start in the love direction. So If you remember from the last post on this room it needed help.  I started by embracing my wingback chairs that I had reupholstered not even a year ago.  I kept thinking I needed to sell them but at this moment I think I need to keep them.  They are the perfect compliment to this room and are nice and cozy to snuggle up in next to the fire.

Then I simply moved the couch forward several feet.  Added a crescent shaped table underneath the mirror and added some color with pillows that I made.  At this moment I am also thinking of keeping the curtains for the time being. Thoughts?

I will probably add a few more pillows and I am really not so sure that I will put the rug back in here after I get it back from the cleaners.  I am enjoying the fact that Charlie cant make it look filthy every time he comes in from outside.  I think the rug will look nice in my bedroom.  So we will see.  A rug in the future in here...
Most likely.  If I want to put the striped rug back in here then I am going to go with a neutral curtain.  If I keep these curtains for awhile then we will need to purchase a neutral rug.  
Decisions, decisions...
Leave a comment and let me know what you all think!

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  1. looks fantastic! I think you should keep the chairs!


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