Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Project in Progress...

#4.  Talk about what you are grateful for
I'll start...
plain and simple my little family and
the love we share for one another. 
The wonderful grandparents that my children are so fortunate to have as well as the extended family, aunts, uncles, cousins, great aunts and uncles, and great grandparents.  
I'm thankful for our warm home and the meals that I am able to provide for my family.  Especially grateful for the kisses, hugs, and I love you's from my littles.  

OK! Back to the design fun of things!!
Here are photos from Finley's room.  Keep in mind these are in progress photos.  I feel like in my house things are never ever complete in my mind and that is probably why I have hesitated to share the photos with my blog.  But I'm over that.  Now you get to see the progress which makes it a little more fun!
  The big fun stuff like painting and ordering bedding have been completed so that means only fun details are left!  She got a new kitchen from Santa which she has played with every day since Christmas.  Good Job Santa!
I painted the walls yesterday afternoon and quickly set everything back into place.  I am going to be out looking for a few gold accents and more items for the walls.  Can't wait for it to feel finished so I can share more with you!
Oh and someday I will get a really fancy camera so I will stop using my iphone for everything...

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