Thursday, January 17, 2013

the evolution of the other living room

it started with the couch and rug from crate and barrel.
added some curtains a couple of pillows and pulled it out from the wall

then a mirror and an ottoman...

And now I am stuck...
Thinking that I do not want these curtains in here anymore and I also know that it is now time to add color.  But I am just not sure where I want to begin or what colors I want to include.  My first thought of course is pink.  I am also considering making new curtains in a neutral velvet for some texture. 
I just wish it was finished!  The problem is the kids love to hang in here so I feel like the rug is always dirty and I am starting to dislike this room :( 
On the opposite wall is an amazing stone fireplace with built in bookshelves that store all of my crystal and silver.   

Below are pictures from a year ago when I split the couch up to make a love seat and a chaise...I think I left it this way only for the Holidays.  You can also see that my desk is behind the loveseat there.  I have already made lots of changes there so I owe you those photos too.
The photos are no longer on the wall and we got an amazing new computer that takes up half of my desk.

OK so now that I have shown you these lovely photos of my gray room that is in serious need of color I am now challenging myself to finish it and post the final product for you.  I already have someone interested in half of these curtains!

I really want to hear your thoughts and comments!  You all inspire me so much!!!
Thanks loves,

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