Tuesday, January 22, 2013

weekly inspiration

I am totally inspired by the mint green/gold/black color combo.  I working this into my master bathroom of course.  I painted my bathroom door high gloss black and I love it!

I have been in a such a rut the past two days.  We didn't leave the house yesterday because it was so cold and one day of no work out really does a number on me.  I rely on that high it gives me when I am finished.  Best feeling ever, next to being a mommy of course...

Maybe I'll try this...It actually sounds really good.  Apparently it is suppose to help shed the extra LBS.

Absolutely adore these library pulls on this DIY coral dresser...
I want to DIY something NOW!

And have any of you started watching The Carrie Diaries?
I love it, it makes me want to watch every episode of SATC all over again!
I really like it so far...

What has inspired you this week?

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