Friday, February 15, 2013

my stairway

This is the stairway that has had 100 makeovers, caused many falls, and scares little children.
Adam and I have painted these so many times, then he has placed down new boards and they have been stained and then repainted.  At the moment I love my stairs minus the fact that they are dangerously steep and show dirt easily.  I could leave them as they are or I could put down a runner. 

I have ordered a matching gold frame for the work hard print on the wall...

I think this leopard print runner is the #1 contender for my stairs.  
What do you all think?  I love leopard! It is trendy yet has staying power.  If it is out one year you can guarantee its back again the next.  And for under $40.00 for 6 1/2 feet I think it's a done deal.

I would love to hear what you think...
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I'd love to hear what you think...