Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tal's Story

He's here! Our sweet little bundle of joy!  His arrival was greatly anticipated by all of us but mainly by his brother and sister who couldn't wait to get their hands on him!
Talmadge Adam York was born on Saturday October 12th, 2013
7lbs 15 oz. 21 inches
He was named after his late grandfather Talmadge Allen Henry III. 

Excitement filled our household when I went into labor Thursday night.  I was a little over two weeks early, but thats nothing new for me.  Contractions were getting to be 2 minutes apart and by the time I arrived at the hospital I was 4 cm dilated.  This was going to go fast, or so I thought!
What could possibly go wrong...
It was our third child.  Labor should have been easier and much shorter than the previous two.
 I had lots of plans.  I was going to enjoy my hospital stay, enjoy being pampered by the nurses, and let Adam go home at night and get a good nights rest.  I couldn't wait to nurse and snuggle that baby of ours.
 Adam had hoped baby boy would arrive in time to watch the Cardinals play at 7 pm Friday night.
But, after a 30 something hour labor he arrived at 4:40 a.m. Saturday morning.

I instantly knew something was wrong.
  My child was not breathing and was silent.
From there he was worked on by 8 different people.
It took 45 minutes...
My Dr. was not giving up on him.
When he was stabilized he was moved immediately to the nursery.

While in the nursery he had seizure like activity and it was decided that he needed to be transferred.

 He was transported to St. Johns NICU by air and he was placed on a cooling blanket for 72 hours.
   It was imperative that he was placed on this blanket within 6 hours of the incident.  His body temperature was lowered to 33.9 degrees Celsius to help stave off further damage to the central nervous system and help repair any damage already caused.

Tal suffered from hypoxic ischemic encephalothapy (HIE) which affects 1 out of every 1000 newborn babies.  We could not hold him and we could barely touch him.  All we could do was pray, and pray harder than ever before.  We knew that there was a possibility for a full recovery but we also knew that there was a chance our child would suffer from brain damage.  How severe?  We didn't know.
Regardless, we would love him and give him the best life possible.

My doctor and the nurses at Passavant did everything in their power to revive the little guy and they were amazing.  The many doctors and nurses at St. Johns were amazing as well.
  Whatever it took for this little guy to survive and recover they made sure it happened.
 This sweet baby was simply a miracle of God.  After a week in the NICU and millions of prayers his  MRI and EEG both came back negative.

Holding him for the first time was the most amazing feeling in the world.  To me he was perfect and at that moment it didn't matter if there was anything wrong with him.  He stole my heart and I felt complete when he was in my arms. 

Adam and I could not be more thankful that he recovered from such trauma.  Our little guy is amazing and has adapted to life at home with a big brother and sister just perfectly!  Did I mention he has red hair? 
  We thank you all for your continuous prayers, support, and help to get us through this last week.  It was every parent's nightmare ending with the best possible outcome...
A miracle from God.


  1. Amazing story Maggie, so happy to hear the little guy is doing well! You all were definitely in my thoughts and prayers the last week and I cannot wait to meet him! Love, Tara ♡♥♡♥

  2. Maggie - Tal is absolutely adorable! We are so very happy for all his family that after many hours and days of worry, prays and wondering that everything seems to be going so well. Our best wishes to y'all and a toast to a wonderful future full of happiness. LIN & JIM, Carrie & Jay

  3. Tal and Sara Henry of Charlotte are the elated greatgrand parents of Tal, who was born to Maggie Henry York and Adam York. The task of going through the birth of the darling child was
    sad and heart breaking to all who awaited some word of comfort from the doctors. It was indeed an absolutely pain to us who waited the results of the test MRI and EGG. All as once after the many days in that week, we heard that the test proved clear and completely free of any damage to Tal. The family found sleepless nights and days and were blessed with faith in God to find a miracle truly happening to a beautiful grandson of Tal Henry III.


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