Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas decorating tips

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite Christmas decorating secrets and tips, since I know we are all thinking about trimming that tree. 

Christmas Decorating Tips and Tricks

1.  Give your tree a drink of sprite...Thank you Eddie Ross, best tip ever for a fresh tree.
No more pine needle mess all over the floor.
Check out his blog post here
We all could use a little extra sugar every now and then...

2.  Use clippings from your yard for fresh garland and picks, they last longer.  Every year my mom makes her own garland and now I like to follow in her footsteps.  The fresh, straight from your yard clippings have a much longer life span.  Trust me, you will feel like Martha after spending the day clipping and wiring.  Plus, it comes free of charge, even better!

3.  Use what you already have.  Pull those urns back out of the garage and fill them with fresh greenery, boxwoods, ornaments, or whatever tickles your Christmas fancy.  
They make a great statement.

4.  Mix in fresh with faux.  If you have a fake tree, mix in some fresh.  It will keep things from seeming stale

5.  Make your home smell like Christmas
15 recipes found here

6.  Use two different size bulbs to add interest to your tree.  Wrap the inside trunk with larger bulbs to light up all of those dark holes!  Continue with smaller bulbs on the rest of the tree.  This allows those stuffed in ornaments to still be seen!

7.  Skip the tree skirt, put it in a basket!  Or a galvanized tub, an old urn, etc... Think outside of the box and be creative.  

Happy Decorating!  ...and let the kids help!  
They will love it!


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