Wednesday, February 25, 2015

future farmhouse updates

We all have that list of things we would do to our homes if we were able.  (This is the game I play in the shower.  If I won the lottery I would do this...)  
  Here is the list my husband and I have put together!  

1.  Ship lap all walls in bright matte white and wood paneled ceilings.
I just love the farmhouse meets beach house vibe.  
It gets me every time!

2. Hardy siding and a tin roof!
Debating between light and dark on the roof??  The black is sharp but I also love how subtle the light silver is!

3.  Finish attic space on 2nd floor.

Our kids could really use the extra space this room has to offer!
Plus I have always wanted to tackle one of these spaces!

4.  Finish fabulous laundry/mudroom

We all are wishing for a more fabulous laundry room.  Let's face it, no one REALLY wants to do laundry but maybe if we LOVED our laundry space we would??

This is the most of it.  The rest is really cosmetic fun that I work on on a daily basis.  What is number one on your list?

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  1. I agree on every front! Beach house meets farm house is my dream too, I love all the inspiration you have chosen.


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