Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Design Crush... Mindy Day Designs

Hey guys!  If you haven't already done so, check out my dear friend and 
super talented interior designer Mindy Day
 from Mindy Day Designs.   Mindy graduated from Parsons School of Design and designs some seriously gorgeous interiors when she isn't busy being super mom to three amazing kiddos!
 You can see more of her amazing style on Houzz here and here!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

bump style...

Even since I had my first babe over 6 years ago, maternity style has evolved so much.
Now, just because you have a growing belly doesn't mean you have to dress any differently than you did pre pregnancy.  Things are just fitting differently now.  You buy your basics ( belly bands, maternity jeans, tees, and jersey dresses) and you work with the rest!  Maternity style has become very brave and I love that.  Here are some favorite bump styles below...

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

weekly roundup

Let's see...
Got my coffee, now let me fill you in on what I have been up to lately.
Life has been busy.  My kids are waking at 5:30 and that is typically when I would blog.  They are slightly needy in the morning so it's just not been happening these days.  And I miss that quiet half hour at my computer with my coffee!  But things are only going to get wilder earlier in the morning because we are expecting our fourth child!
  So where have my thoughts been lately?

1. The boys will have to share a room.  This could go one of two ways.  I am not sure how this will work but let's face it, it HAS to!  They both wake at 5:30.  It can't be that bad right?

2. I am in that in between phase of not being able to button my jeans but not quite ready for the maternity garb so I am getting creative these days.  I was doing cross fit but took a month long vacation, came home and found out I was pregnant and it was just too hard to get back into while battling the baby flu.  So now I am walking, running, and teaching pilates reformer.  I miss that endorphin rush.  Now I just eat...

3.  My kitchen cabinets are getting painted next week... 
 very small kitchen makeover which includes: fresh paint, new hardware and a new light fixture.  Next on the list new faucet fixtures.  Cabinets are currently antique white with a glaze.  I am ready for a classic all white gorgeous kitchen.

4.  Nursery designs are going through my head but we will have to wait until December to determine the gender.  Maybe a Christmas family reveal?

Hope you all have a fab day.  It feels like summer in the Midwest right now!  
This means even more clothing confusion!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015