Tuesday, December 29, 2015

MY JANUARY CHALLENGES (feeling accomplished while bouncing back from Christmas spending)

So it is not yet January, but Christmas is over so it feels that way to me.  I guess with 3 kiddos I don't get as excited about NYE anymore.  My idea of a good NYE is nestling in on the couch with my kids, popcorn, and a good movie.  And a glass of wine... but not this year. 
However, the start of the new year is always exciting to me.  That fresh start, clean palette, the world is your oyster kind of feeling. 
I don't make resolutions because as much as I love the idea of saying I am going to do this or not do that, I would rather just get started.  So rather than call it a resolution I am going with challenge.

My Challenges this year are pretty simple and even better, COST NOTHING.  I want to simplify my life and enjoy every moment.  The years are going by too quickly and my babies are growing up too fast.  I simply dread the day they are all off to college because what in the world will I do?

Anyway, back to my challenges

1.  Make do with what you already have.
I am pretty guilt of not doing this.  So I will start with my pantry or my closet and find new ways to use the items that I have.  I can't tell you how many times I have purchased something and not used it.  So wasteful.  For example, every January I want to buy all new candles and make this house smell amazing but what I forget is that I have a cabinet full of amazing candles yet to be used.  Another example is paint.  I have a room in the basement we call the paint room.  I cannot tell you how many gallons of unused paint are in there.  Instead of constantly purchasing new (which I am sooo guilty of) I am going to make use of what I already have.  

2.  Meal Planning
Ha, I always think I am going to do this and don't and then I scramble to come up with a meal in time for dinner.  The truth is I love meal planning.  I sat down with a cup of coffee and my favorite cookbooks the other day and knocked out this week's meals in a half hour.  
The other awesome thing I did was make use of what was in my pantry toward these meals. 
(back to #1)  And after I felt really good about it.

3.  Finish unfinished projects before starting new.
Yep, we are all guilty of starting something and then getting tired.  The funny thing is these projects usually are the small ones.  Small enough that I put them off knowing they wont take any time and I think I'll just do it later.   For example I have fabric and two pillow inserts hanging out on my dining room table.  It's time to pull the machine out and make these pillows for my son's bed.  I have only had all the materials since October.  

4.  The one time rule
Touch it one time.  This is huge.  I started this last year and sometimes I fail still but that little voice in my head reminds me to do as I said I would and put it away.
When you pick something up after using it put it back where it belongs right then and there.  Don't set it on the stairs, or on the countertop with the rest of your clutter.  GO PUT IT AWAY.    
I can't tell you how good it feels to put it away the first time you touch it.  Your house will eventually be clutter free if you follow this small rule.  I promise! 
I use to have a counter top full of papers, catalogs, mail, bills, etc...
It's amazing how good a clear countertop makes me feel!    

It's a fresh start, new year, and it feels so good.  xo, 

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