Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Favorite Etsy shops for pillows

My love for throw pillows is massive so I wanted to share some of my favorite go to shops on Etsy with you all.  So many more than what I have even listed but these are definitely places I always look first when shopping for throw pillows.  Most are custom made which makes them a little more special.  Click on the shop name for links.

I always find the perfect pillows here and even better they pair several together into a collection which makes it extremely shopper friendly.

Tons of designer fabric options here and they also do window treatments.

Danielle Oakey shop is full of unique textiles and all
 the mud cloth you could hope for.  She also offers a discount for 5 or more pillows.

This shop is full of classics and current favorites.  So many pretty choices here makes it hard to choose.



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  2. Where is this shop located? Do they have any outlet in Miami, Florida.? I really liked the Motif pillow and really interested to buy them for my home.
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