Tuesday, April 25, 2017

styling bookshelves

I absolutely love built in or free standing bookshelves.  They can provide just the right statement in a room and can easily become the center of attention in your space.  That makes styling them correctly so important.  Styling bookshelves is one of my favorite ways to re-energize my home when it starts to feel a little stale.  They never stay the same for long.  So here are a few tips and tricks I use when styling shelves.

1.  Start with the larger items first 
I like to begin with large vases and coffee table books and then add in the smaller items such as frames, beads, and objects of interest.

2.  Group in twos and threes
Odd numbers tend to make a more eye appealing grouping but I do also group two items together if they are different heights.  Don't be afraid to play around to see what works best.

3.  Create a collected look
Try not to make your shelves too symmetrical.  You want your shelves to feel like you have collected pieces and not like you staged them.

4.  Add wallpaper.
Such as a textured grasscloth or a fun pattern for interest.  There are soo many styles to choose from right now and I LOVE textured wallpaper.  It can really transform even the tiniest space. 

5.  Keep it clean and fresh looking.
You may have to play around with your items to keep the shelves from being over styled.  Adding too many items will make them feel crowded.  Less is more and will keep them from looking too cluttered.


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