Friday, April 7, 2017

weekly roundup

Today is my sweet baby Wells first birthday.  Hard to believe because this past year has been such a blur.  So many good and tough times.  Raising 4 kids is no joke.  I am just so thankful that he is a healthy and happy little boy!  He is going in for tubes this morning ( yes, terrible mom on his birthday but hey that's all they had available without waiting months).  So Happy Birthday and quick recovery prayers are in order for the sweet guy.  

I am dying over this stunning kitchen.  The backsplash is unreal good and my favorite color.

This perfect one piece swimsuit is an extra 30% off today.

Last night this song came on when I was cooking and I had not heard it in years.  This was one of my favorites in college.  It is slightly magical...

Have you guys tried Beauty Counter?  I just broke down and purchased the essential nourishing collection.  I have had a really hard time finding the right skincare routine.  Everything I have previously tried seems to make my skin so raw.  I am really excited to try it ( I have been wanting to try it for over a year now) and even happier to be using something safe on my skin.

Have a great weekend

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