Monday, June 12, 2017

Friday's links on Monday :)

 The kids are out of school, we had a mini vacation to Michigan and now I am all off schedule.  The last few days I have been outdoors painting the garage door, a final coat on the garage shingles, and 2 fresh new coats on the front porch.  Today I cleaned out our garage, put a bike rack in it for the kids bikes, and tried to organize it the best I could for a little father's day surprise for Adam.  Needless to say I am worn out, but that feels so good.  To me one of the best feelings ever is working hard all day, rewarding yourself with wine and early to bed.  
 So here are last Friday's links on Monday evening... 

I'm in love with this top, such a great go to piece

this recipe was amazingly good and perfect for summer

I have a small obsession with espalier garden design and want to try for myself


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